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The KNLA began in 1926, and our primary goal as a network of professional nursery growers, landscapers, garden centers and others interested in horticulture, is to provide educational opportunities to members as well as support in terms of public knowledge of what we do. From our inception we have been dedicated to promoting the professional standards of our industry, and continue as a recognizable symbol of quality to our colleagues and the consumers we serve.

After checking out the many benefits of membership that are listed here in, you will have to agree that the dues are inexpensive. The best part is that your involvement doesn’t have to end there. There are many more opportunities for interaction with colleagues, both educational and social, than we have space here to elaborate upon.

If you have any questions regarding the KNLA, and the benefits of belonging to a professional association such as the Kentucky Nursery & Landscape Association, please feel free to contact us at 502-330-8300.

We would love to welcome you as a member of the Kentucky Nursery and Landscape Association. Simply complete the application form and return it along with the first year’s dues. We believe you will see the benefits of your membership quickly.

Together we can make our industry the greatest in Kentucky!

Kentucky Nursery & Landscape Association
P.O. Box 5006
Frankfort, KY 40602
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