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I LOVE container gardening! Why, you ask? Well, it is quick, easy, and has instant results. This year at the garden center we dedicated two endcaps for the Container of the Week (COTW) program. Every week in the spring, or when we remembered, a few team members would create their work of art and place finished containers along with all the necessary ingredients (plant material, pottery, soil, etc.) on the endcap. Each endcap had their own COTW board with the list of ingredients and an example of the finished product. Customers responded well. Some simply bought the finished product while others purchased the ingredients to make their own.

So what are the benefits of the COTW program? One thing for sure is it helps move plant material that has been sitting on the shelf too long. The COTW program also engaged the customers. They looked forward to the new and fresh ideas that our team created. Last but not least it is fun! I think our team members had more fun creating than the customers. Be sure to take a pic or short video of your COTW and blast it on your social media sites!